CS2 Dust 2 HE Grenades

CS2 Dust II HE Grenades

Dust 2 is probably the most iconic map in the entire Counter-Strike ecosystem. It's also one of the first maps almost everyone plays when they first start the game. If you like Dust 2, you need to learn these top HE grenade lineups to deal unexpected damage to multiple players.

Best CS2 Dust 2 HE Grenades

Back Plat From Upper Tunnels

For the first lineup in this guide, we have one of the most annoying spots in B-Site. We are talking about the Back Plat area, which is almost impossible to clear if you don't have control of the CT area. With this simple lineup, you can deal a ton of damage to that player or at least force them out of cover. Start by standing in the corner of the upper tunnels area and aligning your crosshair slightly above the part where the hanging lamp connects the roof, both of which are shown in the images below. After that, do a long-running left click throw, releasing the mouse button when you have crossed the entrance to the tunnel.

Mid Doors From Xbox

Now, let's move on to the most iconic spots in Dust 2, the Mid Doors. Use this HE grenade lineup if you find yourself stuck behind the Xbox with enemies at the Mid Doors ready to shoot you as soon as you come out. Start by standing in the corner of the Xbox and placing the crosshair at the top right edge of the box. After that, do a simple left-click throw, and any enemy standing at Mid Doors will deal massive damage.

A Short From Lower Tunnels

For this next lineup, let's look at a situation where you need to push toward the A-Site from the Lower Tunnels area, maybe for a retake. In that scenario, one spot in particular where you might find an opponent is the A-Short area. To throw a HE grenade right at that player's face, stand at the entrance of the Lower Tunnel area, as shown in the image below, aim at the top right corner of the Xbox, and do a jump throw.

B Window From CT Mid

Speaking of retakes, here's another lineup you can use in that situation, particularly for the spot under the B Window. Start by standing in the corner of the CT area, as shown below, and placing your crosshair at the corner of the shadow on the ground. After that, do a running jump throw.

Stairs From Mid

Throwing a HE grenade at the spot right next to the stairs is a bit tricky, so we strongly recommend that you practice this particular one several times before trying it in a public lobby. Stand next to the mark on the wall, as shown in the image below, aim at the dark black part of the street lamp in the small gap at A Short, and do a running left-click throw.

Upper Tunnels From B-Site

To end this guide, we have a lineup for you that you absolutely must learn, even if it's the only one you take from this guide. That's because "Rush B" situations are most common in Dust II and surprisingly quite effective. However, since, in those situations, multiple opponents are together, you can deal a ton of damage with a single HE grenade. To use this lineup, stand next to the box in B-Site, as shown below, align your crosshair also as shown below, and do a 2-step running left click throw.

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Guns aren't the only pieces of equipment you can use to inflict damage on the enemy in CS2. If you know how to use an HE grenade, you can probably deal massive damage on all five or at least two players with a single lineup. So, practice the lineups above and start dominating the enemy on Dust 2.


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