How To Quickscope in CS2?

Quickscoping is a technique in CS2 where players aim at an opponent in hip-fire mode without using the crosshair and then quickly take the shot after scoping in. The time between scoping in and shooting is just a few milliseconds, which makes this technique difficult to master. Here is a complete guide on how to quickscope in CS2.

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Quickscope in CS2

To quickscope in CS2, all you need to do is equip a sniper rifle, preferably the AWP, try to aim at an enemy in hip fire mode without the help of a crosshair, right-click to aim down sights, and fire within a second of aiming down sights. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand how quickscoping in CS2 works.

  • Step 1: Enter a CS2 match. We recommend private workshop maps with stationary bots since this is your first time trying out quickscoping.

  • Step 2: Equip a scoped rifle. We recommend the AWP since it’s the preferred scoped rifle of the game, but you can also try the SSG 08.

  • Step 3: Aim down sights with the rifle at a target, which can be anything like a mark on the wall, an object on the ground, or a stationary bot.

  • Step 4: Right-click to go back into hip fire mode. Since you were aiming at the target, your aim will be on the target if you ADS again.

  • Step 5: Right-click again, and as soon as you see the black lines of the crosshair become clear from blurry, left-click to shoot.

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Now you know all the basics of quickscoping in CS2. Use the guide above to practice for a bit, and then start practicing aiming at targets in hip-fire mode. While it may seem like a difficult technique, and it is, you can get the hang of it in a few weeks if you practice regularly.


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