USP vs  P2000 Comparison, Which One To Choose in CS2?

While the Terrorists have only one option, the Glock-18, the Counter-Terrorists have to choose between the USP and the P2000 for their starting pistol. Here is a complete guide on USP vs P2000.

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USP vs P2000 – Stats Comparison

It might surprise a lot of players, but most of the stats, at least the ones that matter, for the USP-S and the P2000 are the same. We aren’t even exaggerating about this. They literally have no difference.

Here is what we mean. Both have 35 base damage, 50.50% armor penetration, 9% damage falloff, a 4x headshot multiplier, and a 352.94 fire rate. Both guns will kill an enemy with the same number of bullets at the same time to kill.

The Major Differences

Now, let’s talk about the differences between the two. The most obvious difference is that the USP-S has a silencer, while the P2000 doesn’t. The silencer doesn’t just make the gun quieter. It also eliminates bullet tracers, making it harder to spot the shooter.

The second difference is the mag size and reserve ammo. The P2000 has a slightly larger mag size of 13 bullets, while the USP-S has only 12. However, the reserve of the P2000 is quite large, with 52 bullets, whereas the USP-S has only 24.

The third difference is the accuracy. The USP-S is significantly more accurate compared to the P2000. The P2000’s recoil has a large spread with a random pattern. On the other hand, the USP-S has a much tighter spread with a generally vertical recoil pattern.

Why Pros Prefer USP-S?

An overwhelming majority of professional players prefer the USP-S over the P2000. While we don’t have the exact figures, the number is around 95%. The same is true for the preferences of average CS2 players. But why is that?

One might argue that the suppressor and accuracy are advantages. However, recoil accuracy only matters if you spam bullets, which no one does with pistols, and the silencer is only beneficial while playing against uncoordinated teammates.

So, why don’t players prefer the large reserve ammo of the P2000? Well, there is actually no straightforward answer to this. However, it might have something to do with the satisfying sound of the USP-S.

There are several examples of players performing better with one weapon and worse with the other despite both being completely identical, with the only difference being the sound.

Which Should You Choose?

The P2000 and USP-S are great weapons, with professional players showing exceptional gameplay with both. It all boils down to personal preference. Equip one and play for ten to fifteen days.

Then, switch to the other and play for another ten to fifteen days. At the end of all this, evaluate which one felt more comfortable and then stick to it as your primary.

Check Our CS2 Guides

Our Counter-Strike 2 guides provide detailed tips to improve your gameplay. Ready to enhance your CS2 skills?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this debate. While most of the community has shifted to the USP-S, the P2000 is as good as the USP-S. You’ll have to try them both and then decide based on your preferences.


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