How To Rank Up In CS2?

The heavily overhauled ranking system that came to Counter-Strike with the launch of CS2 has resulted in ranking up being the only thing on the mind of almost every CS2 player. Here is an extensive guide on how to rank up in CS2.

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What are CS2 Rankings?

To understand how to rank up in CS2, we must first look at how the CS2 ranking system works. CS2 has a ranking system for several of its game modes. While the names and icons of the ranks are different, the system based on which players receive their rank is the same.

As you improve at the game, you start winning more matches. When you win more matches, you accumulate rank points, which you can’t see because they stay hidden. As you gain enough points for the next rank, you rank up.

Ranking Up in CS2

Unfortunately, Valve has not revealed the precise factors that add to your ranking points. However, we know that focusing on specifics, like getting more kills or planting the bomb more often, isn’t helpful. Instead, focus on becoming a better CS2 player overall.

One of the main skills that keeps players from ranking up is teamwork. Therefore, most of the methods discussed below for ranking up are related to teamwork.

Learn Smoke Lineups

First up, we have smoke lineups. Learning smoke lineups is one of the most overlooked skills in CS2. You can find players who’ve spent hundreds of hours and still don’t know essential smoke lineups.

Thanks to the Source 2 engine, smokes in CS2 have become quite powerful. If you want to learn smoke lineups, check out our complete CS2 smokes guide, where we show you essential smoke lineups for each CS2 map currently available in the game.


In a game like CS2, where almost everyone has good aim and fairly decent recoil control, information is one of the few things that can give you an upper hand on your opponent. Since communication is one of the main ways to provide information to your teammates, you must know how to communicate effectively.

Effective communication also includes learning proper callouts. You can’t scream “Over There” in the middle of a match and expect your teammates to get anything valuable out of what you are saying. Check out our complete CS2 callouts guide to learn essential callouts for each map in the game.

Find a Team

If you want to improve your chances of winning more CS2 matches, then one of the best things you can do is become a part of a team. It doesn’t have to be an official team that plays in tournaments. All you need is a group of people who like the game as much as you do.

Focus on playing with the same players every time you play ranked CS2, and all of you will automatically start getting better at teamwork. All players in your team will slowly learn each other’s playstyle and adapt accordingly.

Stay Positive

Speaking of finding a team, no one likes to play the person who’s negative all the time. If you are looking for players to play with, you need to develop a positive attitude so players like playing with you, even if they are at a higher skill level than you.

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There is no special tactic or cheat code that you can use to rank up faster in CS2. As your skill level increases, you will eventually rank up. So, the best thing you can do is work on improving your skills. As you get better at the game, you’ll start climbing the ranks.


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