CS2 Nuke Smokes

Nuke Smokes

Nuke is not the first map that a CS2 player learns. To help you get up to speed with it, here are the top 10 essential, must-know Nuke smoke lineups. Once you memorize these, Nuke will be much easier to play.

Best CS2 Nuke Smokes

T-Red Smoke from T Spawn

This smoke helps the Terrorists cross the Red Container and enter the Garage without worrying about enemy fire. To use this smoke, stand behind the yellow beam in T Spawn, aim at the rail on top of the roof, and do a jump-throw.

Locker Smoke

This lineup needs a bit of precision with the crosshair, and throwing this consistently will take some practice. Start by going to the fence on the left side and placing the crosshair like in the picture below. After that, do a jump-throw.

Outside Main Smoke

To smoke the Outside Main/ Mini area from the T Red spot, go and stand in front of the fence behind the Blue Box, aim at the bottom wire as shown below, and do a 2-step running throw.

Top Main Smoke

This smoke is an alternative and fast version of the Outside Main smoke. You can throw this easily from T Spawn. Go between the pipe and the trash bin in T Spawn, aim at the wire under the vent, and do a jump-throw.

Garage Smoke

Here is a great way to smoke off the Garage without leaving any gaps. Make your way to the top of the Blue Box, come to the top right corner, aim at the bolt on the water tank, and do a standing throw.

Unbreakable Smoke

For this lineup to work, you need the smoke to land on the top of the Blue Box. Otherwise, the CTs can peek at you from above. Get on top of the truck in T Spawn, aim slightly to the top left from the corner of the vent as shown below, and do a jump-throw.

Lower Single Door Smoke

For the lower portion of the map, the most common smoke used by players is on the Single Door, and it's pretty easy to throw. Come behind the right door of the main entrance, aim at the rail above the site, and then left-click throw.

Upper Single Door Smoke

It's crucial to smoke the Single Door if you are playing Upper as a CT since Ts usually break the door at the start of the round. Come to the left side of the water tank, aim toward the bottom of the small blue box, and do a jump-throw.

Upper Single Door Smoke from Heaven

You won't always be playing site, so knowing this lineup can help a ton. Go towards the Upper Heaven Door, aim at the 3rd bar of the window, and do a left-click throw.

A Heaven Deep Smoke from T Spawn

This smoke gets used a lot to force the deep Heaven player into giving up his position by peeking out. Go to the fence on the left side, aim at the top mid of the vent, and do a jump-throw.

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These were the Top 10 best smoke lineups you should learn for Nuke. Once you've gotten the hang of them all, you and your team will Dominate on the Nuke CS2 map.


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