Why Do I Get Lag Spikes In CS2?

When you’re in a gunfight, trying your best to control recoil and hit the enemy, one of the worst things that can happen to you is getting lag spikes. This issue is even worse for games like CS2, where the outcome of a gunfight can change within milliseconds. To help you avoid situations like that, here’s a complete explanation of why you get lag spikes in CS2.

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Reasons For Lag Spikes In CS2

One of the most common reasons gamers experience lag spikes in CS2 is that they use Wi-Fi to connect their PC to the Internet. While Wi-Fi isn’t necessarily bad for browsing the Internet, it isn’t a stable connection for competitive gaming, where every millisecond counts. Wi-Fi signals have to deal with obstacles like walls and furniture, which can cause lag spikes.

The second most common reason gamers get lag spikes while playing CS2 is that they place an unnecessary load on either their hardware or the network. For example, a gamer might have opened 20 or 30 browser tabs in the background while playing CS2. These tabs eat up your computer’s resources, especially RAM, which can lead to lag spikes. Or, a gamer might be downloading something in the background, which leaves little to no bandwidth for the game they’re playing.

Another slightly less common cause of lag spikes is outdated drivers or Windows. To avoid running into lag spikes, make sure you have a LAN connection, aren’t running any unnecessary software or downloads in the background, and have updated all drivers.

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There are several reasons why people get lag spikes in CS2. The most common reasons include wireless connections, background downloads and applications, and outdated drivers. Fortunately, if you take the time to remove all these issues, you can significantly lower the amount of lag spikes you get, maybe even down to zero.


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