How Much is a CS2 Key?

If you want some new CS2 skins and like to test your luck, the best option is to open a CS2 case. However, acquiring a CS2 case is just the first step of the process. You also need to purchase a CS2 key to open that case. Here’s a complete explaination about how much it will cost to buy a CS2 key.

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Types of Keys in CS2

Before we explain how much they cost, you should know there isn’t one type of key in CS2. You can divide all CS2 keys into two primary categories, with the first one being tradable keys and the second one being non-tradable.

A tradable key in CS2 is one that you can trade with other players through Steam. You can buy these keys from the Steam community market or third-party marketplaces. Tradable keys include those purchased before the “Key Change” update, and all keys purchased after that are not tradable.

Besides this primary classification, there are further classifications of CS2 case keys based on what case they are for. In other words, for every type of case in CS2, there is a specific key that opens only that case.

Price of CS2 Keys

Now, let’s move on to pricing. A regular case used to open regular CS2 cases costs $2.50, which you can only purchase from the case opening screen. A tradable CS2 key costs around $8 to $10 since they are limited in number. As you move up the ladder to rarer cases, the price of a key goes up. For the tradable variants, the price goes up by several multiples.

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There is no single price for a CS2 key because there isn’t a single type of CS2 key. A regular case key you purchase in-game costs $2.5, and its tradable version will cost anywhere from $8 to $10. Since the rest are rarer, the prices only go up from here.


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