How To Check Who Got Banned in CS2?

People don’t usually tell others when they get banned from CS2. It might be one of your friends who mysteriously stopped playing the game or a popular content creator for CS2. But if you want to know who got banned, you are at the right place.

Some ways you can check who got banned from CS2 include checking their Steam profiles, going through Reddit groups for ban reports, or using third-party platforms. We have curated a complete walkthrough for you on how to check who got banned in CS2.

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Asking Them Directly on Steam

The first method that comes to your mind is probably the one that might work. If you want to know if your friend got banned from CS2, try asking them directly on Steam. If they tell you the truth, it will save you from the hassle of going through all the other digging around you’ll have to do.

Checking The Steam Community Profile

The problem with asking a person directly is they might lie about their ban status since getting banned on CS2 means that they were probably doing something that isn’t allowed, which isn’t the sort of thing people like to share with everyone. If the person you ask says that they weren’t banned, but you think they were, you can move to the next step to verify whether they’re telling the truth, checking their Steam Community Profile.

Each Steam user can create a profile for the Steam Community website, and if you know that a player has created one, you can go through the profile to see whether they were banned. To do that, open their Steam Community profile and look for a VAC ban message toward the right side section. It will be a red text, written like “1 Vac ban on record.”

Checking CS2 Reddit Communities and Facebook Groups

While a VAC ban notification on a person’s Steam Community profile is a sure way to know if they got banned from CS2, there are workarounds that people can use to prevent you from checking out the ban notification on the Steam Community profile. In that case, you can try going through CS2 Reddit communities and Facebook groups.

While most CS2 Reddit threads and Facebook groups primarily focus on other things CS2, like memes or how-to-guides, the news of CS2 players getting VAC banned might land there a couple of hours after the ban gets issued, especially if it is popular CS2 content creator or esports player who got VAC banned.

Third-Party Platforms

If you want to avoid all those steps, you can use third-party platforms and services with a guarantee of an accurate result on who got banned from CS2. First up, we have browser extensions that tell who got banned on CS2. One of those extensions is the “CS2 and CSGO history ban checker” for Google Chrome.

The second method, and also the one we recommend, is using a website called VacList, which allows players to track someone’s Steam account and check whether they have received a ban. Simply hop on the website, search for the Steam User’s ID, and it will show you whether they have been VAC banned.

Checking Why You Got Banned From CS2

The thing about CS2 game bans is that there isn’t one single reason why Valve issues them. If you have figured out whether a person received a game ban, you’re probably also curious about why they got banned. Unfortunately, that’s something that might always stay hidden. Valve does not reveal the reason why they ban someone. The offense can be as severe as using full-blown hacking software or smurfing. Even if it is you who got banned, Valve won’t reveal why it happened.

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Probably the easiest way to find out whether someone got banned is by checking out their Steam Community profile. It will clearly show if a player has received a VAC ban. You can also check out Reddit threads or Facebook groups to see if a popular CS2 content creator got banned. Or, you can try third-party platforms like Vaclist. But if you want to make things really simple, just ask the person directly on Steam and see if they tell you if they got banned from CS2.


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