How to Get Keys in CS2 Without Buying Them?

Since the “Key Trade Ban,” tradable keys in CS2 have become a valuable commodity. Many CS2 traders usually have a couple of CS2 keys in their inventory. If you want some CS2 keys but don’t wish to spend any money on them, you are at the right place. Here’s a complete guide on how to get keys in CS2 without buying them.

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Getting CS2 Keys Without Buying Them

The thing is, since the Key Trade Ban, CS2 keys have split into two types. All keys purchased after the trade ban are no longer tradable. They don’t even land in your inventory after purchase. Instead, you can only purchase them from the case opening screen, and when you buy the key, it automatically gets used to open the case.

On the other hand, all keys purchased before the trade ban still remain tradable. You can have them in your Steam inventory, sell them on the Steam community market, or trade them with other Steam users. However, neither of the two types can be obtained directly for free. You don’t get keys from in-game drops or Twitch drops.

Fortunately, there still are methods you can use to acquire CS2 keys, be it the tradable ones or the non-tradable ones available in the in-game store. It’s just that each of the methods requires you to obtain some other marketable CS2 item first and then use those items to get the keys. Here’s an explanation of all those methods.

CS2 Item Drops

CS2 has a new item drop system called the weekly care package. With this drop system, you can get CS2 skins and cases for free just by playing the game. All you have to do is spend the hours, and once you’ve played enough, you’ll automatically get a drop.

While it may require a lot of free drops, you can sell the items you get in those drops on the Steam community market and then use that amount to purchase marketable keys from the Steam community market or a regular key from the case opening screen inside CS2.

Twitch Stream Drops

The in-game weekly care package isn’t the only place to get free CS2 item drops. Certain Twitch streams, usually those for top-tier eSports events, are drop-enabled, which means you can potentially get a free drop just by watching the stream.

The best part about Twitch stream drops is that while they generally contain cases, those cases are often valuable, easily over ten times the value of the free drops you get from the weekly care package. If you get a case from a Twitch stream, you can potentially sell it for enough to get a dozen or so keys, both tradable and non-readable.

Free Skin Websites

Finally, we have “free skin websites,” online platforms where you can earn CS2 items by completing simple tasks like surveys or watching a YouTube video. Don’t get your hopes up because you won’t get a CS2 key after working a few minutes.

The good news is that some free skin platforms let users cash out their earnings through marketable CS2 keys. However, there are a lot of scam sites, too. To avoid running into them, check out our directory of the best places to earn free CS2 skins.

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Unfortunately, there is no way of getting CS2 skins directly for free. But there are ways you can get other CS2 items for free, which you can sell on the Steam community market and then use those funds to purchase CS2 keys. Keep in mind that you will have to spend hours before getting even a single key.


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