How to Improve FPS in CS2?

One of the main issues that hold back a CS2 player from playing to their full potential is low framerate because it induces lag, which makes it harder to aim. If you are also experiencing low framerate in CS2, you are at the right place. Here is a complete guide on how to improve FPS in CS2.

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Graphics Setting Optimization

The first step in improving your framerate in CS2 is optimizing your graphics settings. While you might think graphics settings wouldn’t be a problem for players with the latest and most expensive hardware, some settings negatively impact framerate when turned on, regardless of hardware.

One example is V-Sync, which induces unnecessary input lag and caps your framerate to your refresh rate despite having enough performance to push frames well beyond that. To help you remove issues related to graphics settings, we have created an extensive guide on the best CS2 video settings for max FPS. (Add Video Settings Article Link)

Update Drivers & Windows

If you have already optimized your graphics settings and are still experiencing low framerate, the issue might be old drivers. The thing is, GPU manufacturers regularly release new drivers to improve performance and resolve any bugs, which sometimes can cause a drop in framerate. The same goes for Windows. We recommend keeping both GPU drivers and Windows up to date.

Disable Unnecessary Applications

Another easy way to boost your framerate in CS2 is by disabling all the unnecessary applications you are running in the background while playing the game. Depending on what applications you were running, this can boost your FPS by only about 1% or up to 10%.

When you run applications, like internet browser tabs, they start eating up your computer’s valuable resources. A better use of those resources is pushing more frames for CS2. This effect is even more pronounced on low-end hardware, where the computer is already low on resources to begin with.

Play on 4:3

Many professional CS2 esports players play the game on the 4:3 stretched resolution. The main reason pros play like this is that it helps make the enemies wider and, consequently, easier to hit. However, another huge benefit of playing on 4:3 instead of regular 16:9 is that it drastically improves the framerate. To try it out yourself, check out our guide on how to play CS2 in 4:3 stretched resolution. (Add CS2 4:3 Article Link)

Hardware Upgrades

If all else fails, the one thing that will surely improve your FPS in CS2 is hardware upgrades. If you have an old GPU, CPU, or RAM, consider getting a new one, especially if your hardware barely meets the system requirements of CS2. You can also try bumping up your memory from 8 GB to 16 GB.

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The best way to improve your framerate in CS2 is video settings optimization. While upgrading hardware can also do the trick, not everyone has spare cash lying around ready to be spent on new hardware. Try one or more of the strategies mentioned above and see how much of an FPS boost you get.


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