CS2 Inferno Smokes

Inferno Smokes

Inferno is a particularly challenging map for Terrorists, especially when pushing from Banana to B-Site. To help make things easier for you, here is a complete guide on CS2 Inferno Smokes.

Best CS2 Inferno Smokes

Car Smoke

First up, we have the spot right at the end of Banana, where the CTs hold with an AWP, preventing a push toward the B site. Right after exiting T spawn, stand next to the pillar under the arch as shown below, aim at the structural support of the building above, and do a jump throw.

CT Boost Smoke

After that, you'll need to smoke the Boost area beside the Church Wall, and then you can freely enter the B site. To do that, walk in the corner with the fuse boxes, line up your crosshair with the corner of the roof, and do a standing throw.

Coffins Smoke

To make B site even more secure, walk up in the opposite corner, crouch down, aim at the second light bulb from the left on the wire hanging above, throw a simple standing smoke, and it will land in the Coffins area, preventing any CTs from holding there.

Top Mid Smoke

Switching things to the A site, walk up to the corner right after T spawn, aim at the top of the window frame right in front of you, do a jump throw, and the smoke will land right on the Top Mid area, pushing CTs further back.

Library Smoke

Make your way toward the Second Mid and stand next to the magazine stand. Place your crosshair on the roof pillar right above the "S" of "CASA," do a jump throw, and the smoke will land on the entrance of the Library.

Arch Smoke

This one works amazingly with the smoke above. To smoke the Arch area, stand next to the same magazine stand and aim slightly toward the left of the center knot on the wire above, exactly as shown in the images below. Finally, do a jump throw.

Boiler Smoke

Smoking off Top Mid won't really help you push from A Long. For that, you'll need to smoke the Boiler. To do that, stand next to the window shown below, aim slightly toward the left between the antenna and the street light above you, and do a standing throw.

Long Corner Smoke

Instead, if you want to push from A Short, this is the one you'll need. Stand in the corner like shown in the image below, aim at the bottom right section of the corner circle on the roof right in front of you, and do a “W” jump throw.

Moto Smoke

Walk up right next to this crack on the wall, aim above the roof of the building right in front of you, do a jump throw, and the smoke will land on Moto.

Truck Smoke

While in Apartments, stand in the corner and aim at the top section above the flower pot, as shown below. Finally, do a simple standing throw.

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Now you know all the best smokes for CS2 Inferno. Try them out once or twice in a private lobby before using them in public lobbies, and soon you'll learn them all.


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