Will CS2 Replace CSGO?

The release of CS2 is getting near, and it is all set to change Counter-Strike. However, players from the Counter-Strike community are concerned about how this will affect CSGO. If you have questions about CS2, you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about the transition from CSGO to CS2.

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Will CSGO Get Replaced By CS2?

The short answer is yes. CS2 will replace CSGO. But what does this actually mean? Let’s explain. Traditionally, whenever a sequel to a game gets launched, it gets released separately. For example, Battlefield 2042 is the successor to Battle Field 5. But, Battlefield 2042 is not a replacement for Battlefield 5. Battlefield 5 still has an active player base with its own community.

However, that’s not the case with CS2. CS2 is the literal replacement for CSGO. As Valve has presented detailed clarification on this, CS2 can be considered a free upgrade to CSGO. This update includes massive overhauls to some of the maps, the textures of the game, visual effects, and more.

Along with visual changes, the game will get a new name, which we all know is Counter-Strike 2. When you launch CSGO from Steam, you can see that it says Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in your library. However, after the launch of CS2, you will no longer see CSGO in your Steam library. Instead, it will get replaced by CS2.

Will I Be Able To Play CSGO After CS2 Launch?

Valve has stated that CS2 is a free upgrade to CSGO. It means that CSGO will no longer exist after the launch of Counter-Strike 2. But if you still want to experience CSGO, you can do that. However, it won’t be the official Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

If you want to play CSGO after the launch of CS2, you will have to separately download files for CSGO and then play the older version. However, since this isn’t official CSGO, you won’t be able to access regular matchmaking. After CS2 gets launched, CSGO servers will shut down, and CS2 servers will start running.

Will My CSGO Inventory Get Transfered To CS2?

As the CS2 launch is getting near, CSGO players are starting to worry about what will happen to all the CSGO skins they have collected. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry since all your CSGO inventory will get transferred onto CS2. When you start Counter-Strike 2 after the launch, you will see all your CSGO skins in your CS2 inventory and be able to show them off in CS2 matches.

Will I Have To Buy Prime Status Again After CS2 Launch?

Another thing CSGO players are worried about is whether they will have to purchase the Prime Status again when the game transitions to CS2. Fortunately, there is no need to worry in this aspect either since all players who have bought the Prime Status upgrade in CSGO will have it in CS2 as well.

Will I Still Be VAC banned on CS2?

If you have received a VAC ban in CSGO on your Steam account, then we have bad news for you. You might have noticed you haven’t gotten an invitation for the CS2 testing. That’s because all players who received a VAC ban aren’t allowed to participate in the testing phase. On top of that, the VAC ban will also transfer to CS2 at launch, which means they won’t be able to play CS2 either.

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As Valve has revealed clear information regarding this, we know that CSGO will get replaced by CS2. Fortunately, all the CSGO skins in your inventory and the Prime Status upgrade you purchased will transfer to CS2. Follow us to stay updated on the latest CS2 news.


Will Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) be replaced by Counter-Strike 2 (CS2)?

Yes, CS2 is not a separate game but a direct upgrade to CSGO. After the launch of CS2, CSGO will no longer exist in your Steam library.

Will I be able to play CSGO after the launch of CS2?

Technically, yes. However, it will not be the official version of CSGO. You would need to separately download files for CSGO to play the older version. Official matchmaking and CSGO servers will be replaced by CS2 servers at launch.

Will my CSGO inventory transfer to CS2?

Yes, all your CSGO inventory, including skins, will be automatically transferred to CS2 and available for use in matches.

Will my Prime Status in CSGO carry over to CS2?

Yes, if you have purchased the Prime Status upgrade in CSGO, it will also apply to CS2. You will not need to purchase it again for the new game.

Will my VAC ban from CSGO carry over to CS2?

Yes, players with VAC bans from CSGO will also be banned from CS2. This includes both participation in the testing phase and the ability to play CS2 after launch.


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